Sunday, October 22, 2017

2018 NFL Draft: Prospect Spotlight

Quenton Nelson
OG/Sr/Notre Dame
6-5, 330lbs
Games Evaluated: UGA, Boston College, UNC

·      NFL size
·      Elite playing strength
·      Strong hand usage/grip strength
·      Ability to execute all run blocks
·      Good footwork
·      Consistent effort/play
·      Maintains proper pad level
·      Powerful run blocker
·      Drives feet through whistle
·      Moves/blocks well in space
·      Good flexibility
·      Well disciplined


·      Poor hand placement
·      Leaves hands/arms hanging out in dead space
·      Inconsistent awareness
·      Lapses in concentration
·      Will get head out too far over feet

The tape on Nelson is as advertised, the real deal.  Nelson is a consistent and reliable fixture on the offensive line.  His consistency makes most plays seem like a replay of the play before.  It usually plays out with Nelson getting his hands on a defender and the defender either gaining no ground or going backwards.  I was amazed to see a player never have to change his style no matter who was in front of him over the games viewed.  A team looking for the “can’t miss prospect” may not be able to pass on Nelson come early on day 1 of the draft.

NFL Comparison: Gabe Jackson (Oak)/Richie Incognito (BUF)



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