Sunday, October 22, 2017

2018 NFL Draft: Prospect Spotlight

Orlando Brown Jr.
6-8, 345
Games Evaluated: Ohio St, Iowa St, Texas and UTEP

·      NFL size and frame
·      Coveted upper body strength
·      Powerful punch  (one handed or both)
·      Good movement despite large size
·      Long limbs with strong/violent hands
·      Solid balance moving north and south
·      Plays with an “edge”
·      Knowledgeable “hand fighter” in trenches
·      Powerful run blocker

·      Inability to bend at hips and knees
·      Plays with a high pad level
·      Inconsistent effort
·      Poor hand placement
·      Struggles with lateral movement
·      Not as experienced with deep kick slides
·      Lacks awareness
·      Stops feet while blocking
·      Tendency to hold if beat

Orlando Brown Jr. will be a highly debated prospect.  He looks the part and plays with that “edge” teams love.  However, he has some serious issues that a team will have to hope can be corrected.  Deficiencies in flexibility and lateral movement alone would be enough to question the ability of a prospect to play in the NFL.  Now combine that with questions of effort and awareness and you have a major project on your hands.  I see him as a 3rd or 4th round talent that will probably be taken way earlier than that due to teams falling in love with his size and strength. 

NFL Comparison: Bobbie Massie (Chi)

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